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Getting professional, accurate estimates just got even easier, fill in a short form, upload your plans & we’ll send you a quote for preparing the estimate and providing a comprehensive set of job winning reports. If you're too busy to price work yourself (or simply don't know where to start!) and you're looking for a professional, accurate and affordable solution, you've come to the right place.

Fast turnaround

Here at professional estimating services we pride ourselves on making sure we help you meet your deadlines by offering a standard 5 working day Turnaround (faster turnaround available, prices vary.) Make sure your clients have all the information they need while not impacting your busy schedule and knowing its ready when you need it to be.

Comprehensive Reports

All of our services can be accessed via email. Everything you need is just a click away as well as being able to customize your quote to include everything from your logo, labour rates, markups and over heads. Get the most out of your client reports, also if you find yourself with any questions we are just an email or call away.

Accurate Project Price

We make sure you have the most accurate price for the job meaning you know where you’re putting your money and how it is being used down to the last brick and screw. For a more in-depth view of what this means, please click here to view our sample reports.

All Job Types

We accommodate all types of builds Such as: single detached dwellings,
Loft conversions, Extensions, Bespoke builds, Commercial and more.
Please click here to view all of our job types and pricing.

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We know you have deadlines to hit. So here at pro Estimating Services we want to make our service quick, simple and as stress free as possible. Please find below a step by step guide on how we will work with you to deliver your job winning reports.

1. Fill in your project details

Builder Details: Add your details so we can contact you and send across your no obligation quote.
Project details: Complete the project details so if you go ahead we know what to put on the front of your documents.

2. Choose your services

For an additional fee we can get the work to you faster and offer extra services such as comprehensive health and safety Documents and even print and bound your reports and send them in the post for you.

3. Any other notes

Something else we should know? Please tell us here. If you have any specific requirements, such as over heads, labour rates, prices you have available already or if there is a particular section of the work you want priced rather than the whole job. The more information you can provide here the better as we will use this to meet your expectations first time. So if you would like us to add something extra to your reports, inform us here.

4. Upload your files

Your Company Logo: Would you like your logo on the reports rather than ours? Don’t worry we won’t take it personally. Simply upload a copy of your logo here and we will add this to your job winning reports.
Upload your plans: The most important bit! Proposed and existing floor plans and elevations are the minimum required to submit. Simply click here and select your plans so we can work our magic.

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