Estimating Services

Get professional and accurate estimates

Getting professional, accurate estimates just got even easier, fill in a short form, upload your plans & we’ll send you a quote for preparing the estimate and providing a comprehensive set of job winning reports.

How We Work

Here at Pro Estimating Services we like to keep things simple for our customers. All we need to provide you with your quote is the proposed and existing floor and elevation plans, which can be either uploaded through our website or sent via email to Once we’ve received your plans, you will receive your free quote within 1 working day. If you would like to go ahead with your quote, we aim to get your estimate completed and delivered direct to your email within 5 working days from payment.

Our Reports

At Pro Estimating Services, we condense your estimate into easy to read documents for both you and your customer. Whether you choose to use our Basic or Comprehensive packs, our aim is to provide professional reports tailored to your job, with pc sums for those items specific to your needs. Not only do our reports show yourself exactly where your project costs are being spent they are accurate to a very high degree. To view our report samples, please see Reports & Pricing.

Additional Services

Health and Safety is important; especially in the building sector. With a set of health and safety reports custom to your job, we have you covered. To view our sample heath & safety reports, please see Reports & Pricing. All our estimates are delivered digitally, but for those who wish for a hard copy, we have a Premier Bound option, which consists of printed and bound reports for you and your client. All Premier Bound orders are sent digitally first-hand to ensure everything is to your satisfaction before we process your hardcopy. Postage is always sent with Next Day delivery to ensure you receive your order on time.

PC Sums

Due to the nature of plumbing, electrics, kitchens being so variable in terms of specification, our company policy is to allow only Provisional Costs for this work, at our default sums and any specialist items/fittings such as Kitchens, Bathrooms and furnishings to ensure they are allowed for without causing the overall cost of the work to become inaccurate. Speak to your estimator for more details and if you have any established costs or Prime Costs from your client for these areas please inform you estimator.

Our Estimators

Pro Estimating Services consists of construction professionals with years of experience pricing and estimating all kinds of buildings. Our estimators work from your plans and will be in contact with you during every step of pricing your estimate to ensure your labour rates and pc sums are included. Having the right information is key and our estimators with strive to work with you to get the estimate right. After all, our estimators know what it takes to complete a building project and will never create reports, they could not use themselves.

Our Team

Communication is an essential part of producing your job-winning reports and our office team are happy to help. At the start of processing your order, our admin staff will be in contact by phone and email to confirm receipt of your plans and to make sure we have everything we need to progress with your order. Payments are made over the phone so that your confidentiality is intact and no personal data is stored. After our estimators have priced your estimate, our reports team will organise everything into a neat, easy to present set of reports, which is set directly to you via email.


We know you have deadlines to hit. So here at pro Estimating Services we want to make our service quick, simple and as stress free as possible. Please find below a step by step guide on how we will work with you to deliver your job winning reports.

1. Fill in your project details

Builder Details: Add your details so we can contact you and send across your no obligation quote.
Project details: Complete the project details so if you go ahead we know what to put on the front of your documents.

2. Choose your services

For an additional fee we can get the work to you faster and offer extra services such as comprehensive health and safety Documents and even print and bound your reports and send them in the post for you.

3. Any other notes

Something else we should know? Please tell us here. If you have any specific requirements, such as over heads, labour rates, prices you have available already or if there is a particular section of the work you want priced rather than the whole job. The more information you can provide here the better as we will use this to meet your expectations first time. So if you would like us to add something extra to your reports, inform us here.

4. Upload your files

Your Company Logo: Would you like your logo on the reports rather than ours? Don’t worry we won’t take it personally. Simply upload a copy of your logo here and we will add this to your job winning reports.
Upload your plans: The most important bit! Proposed and existing floor plans and elevations are the minimum required to submit. Simply click here and select your plans so we can work our magic.


Your no obligation quote will be sent to the email address provided with information on how to proceed. Our prices start from just £73.00, our standard turnaround is 5 working days but faster turnaround times are available for an additional fee. Once payment is accepted our experienced estimators will give you a call to ask any questions they may have or answer your own. Then when the estimate is complete, you will receive another email with a link to download the full set of reports. We are always just a phone call away so if you need help at any point just give us a call or drop us an email.

Please review our terms and conditions for more details of our service and our Reports and Pricing page for sample reports and a guide to our prices in depth.

Thank you for your time and we hope to work with you soon!