Frequently asked questions

How do I place an order?

Go to the Estimating Services section of this website and select the reports you require for the type of build you are doing. This page will then calculate the costs for your selected reports and you are able to checkout and pay for your order. Once your order has been placed you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to continue with the order, either by uploading your plans or posting them to us.

Can you include prices for specialist items?

For specialist items e.g. steels, bespoke windows etc. a P.C. Sum would be used, but if requested we can go out to tender for items. This would incur an additional cost as additional work would be required in order to get a 'live' price from a specific supplier.

Who does the estimates?

We use experienced estimators who not only are accustomed to the building trade and estimating, but are also knowledgeable in the software used. Unlike many other companies, we tend not to use part-time estimators, so for all of our estimators this is their full-time job. We have a range of estimators experienced in different areas of estimating.

Are there any guarantees on the price provided?

The price provided will be based on the options selected before checking out, samples of each of these services are available to view on the Estimating Services page on this website, by clicking on more details for a product you can view a description and download a sample estimating report. It would be your responsibility to check over the estimate provided before it is utilised and/or sent to the end client.

What labour rates and profit margin do you use?

We use default labour rates and profit margins, however, you may set defaults in your profile. To allow maximum flexibility the margins and labour costs are editable on a per job basis

What is the turnaround time?

The default turnaround time will be no longer than seven working days after receiving all drawings/plans and specifications (as work can't be started until we have that information!). If you're in a hurry we offer a next day delivery service where we will complete the estimate and get it back to you the following working day after receiving all drawings/plans and specifications!