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Testimonials from our clients

Please read below a selection of testimonials and recommendations we have received from our clients. To protect the privacy of the people below we have not included contact details. However, anyone genuinely wishing to validate the authenticity of any of the testimonials below can arrange to do so by contacting us:

we have won upwards of 75% of the work that you price!

Michael Brambini


Just to stay a big thank you for the estimates you have done for me of late. It has really taken the pressure of me as there is so much for me to price at the moment and I just do not have the time. Also seeing the way you prepare and deliver the quotes has given me some great tips on how to do my own estimates.
Joe Dixon


Thank you very much for the new format quotations you have been producing for us. We are very happy with the service and would recommend your services to any tradesmen. We have found the documents easy to manage and can pass them on to the clients with
Spencer Pocock

“Milton Keynes”

Thanks for getting the estimate back to me in good time and efficiently priced up. I have submitted the clients breakdown to the clients and they have said that, ‘even this was more detail than they have had from any other builder’.

“Trust and Able Building Services”

First time I have used Pro Estimates. They turned my tender estimate around very quickly. I discussed at length with the company my day rates and other costs and all were factored in. I priced the same tender they did for a sanity check and virtually identical which inspires confidence. It is a great time saver for me personally to sub my tenders out to the company knowing it is on par with my own tendering. Lots of detail and if successful in the tender the bill or quants and project program is there already. Also it is great they have client facing documentation as well business back end costing. Would highly recommend working with Jen. Great communications!

Aaron Lewis

I have used Pro Estimating Services for a number of years now and I am always satisfied with their service.

They offer an extensive estimating package that many of my customers have become accustomed to using.
The package they provide is very in-depth and covers every stage of the build program in fine detail. It is well presented in various reports that make the pricing of projects so much simpler for the customer and myself.

I feel that offering this as a service is something that then connects me to the customer from the very beginning of their project and helps keep me associated throughout.
I am confident in recommending Pro Estimating Services, Andrew and his team do a fantastic job.

Shane Richards
January 2016

Shane Richards


We were using another estimating service but tried 'Professional Estimates' on our last enquiry. We were really impressed with the turnaround time of the very professional looking quote including works and payment schedule.
We submitted the quote to our client and won the contract.
We will definitely be using their professional efficient services in the future and would highly recommend to others.

Leigh Hoyle, Hoyle's Build

“Jeeves and Green Master Builders Ltd”

We were stuck with 3 offers to tender which we simply had no time to complete; our site-manager who would normally do these was simply overwhelmed with work.
We were getting on for four weeks that they’d lain dormant in the in-tray. Pro Estimating Services sent an email to which I responded. For an extremely reasonable fee they sent us back the 3 quotes within 48 hours, pulling out the stops to cover our request even though they were busy preparing for an important show in London.

Of the three, two were accepted by the clients and the other is under review – that is a result! We would recommend Pro Estimating Services to any building company which is struggling to get their quotes completed – friendly, swift and with an obvious wealth of experience to provide quotes of the highest quality!
Brian Williams

“Immediate Action Ltd”

This was exactly what we needed, many thanks for this it enabled us to get our tender in on time.

“Highgrade-Construction Ltd”

I decided to make the switch over to Pro Estimating Services due to experiencing a poor level of service from my previous provider and I'm so glad I did. The level of care and attention that I have received has been exceptional. All the guys a Pro Estimating Services have been so helpful and are willing to invest as much time and support as necessary for me to get the most out of the service. They are all friendly and approachable as well as very helpful and knowledgeable. My estimates are now looking more professional than ever at more affordable prices and I am able to edit them as much as I like and get out to my clients faster than before. I am so happy with the service i have received that I have decided to invest money and time into purchasing and learning the entire package.

Nick Chapman

“Brickwork Solutions”

After being invited to tender for our most complex project to date, we decided to try an estimating service. Pro estimates were recommended to us from the NFB.
With a super quick turn around and amazing customer service from all the team, we won the project! Through this we are now to expand the business and continue using Pro estimates for all our estimating needs!
A massive thanks to all the team!
William King

“Silvester Properties”

We won the job which you provided the estimate for. Your service has been very helpful.
Andrew Tefler

Thank you so much for such a comprehensive and professional report.

It will be immensely useful as I hope to manage the project myself for the first time with no previous experience, but your report gives me such a lot of information not only on material costs but on expected labour and scheduling as well.

I had thought you would not be able to start the exercise until Thursday so I was delighted to get the reports earlier than expected.
John Rogers

Thank you very much for the quote and providing such a good service - I am absolutely delighted with it all. We will definitely be back in touch again!
Ms Kenny

“Impressed with the attention to detail”

I bought Easy Price Pro a few years back and have used it ever since. They emailed me and told me about their sister company Pro Estimating Services. Initially I was a bit skeptical about letting someone else price my work but, after getting snowed under with quotes, I decided to give them a go. On receiving the quote I naturally went through it and was impressed with the result. I then sent a couple more, and again was impressed with the attention to detail. Ever since, whenever I am having to be on site or have too many to do myself I send the drawings to Pro Estimating Services and relieve the pressure on me.
Mike Harley, M Harley Builders

“On time, professional and informative”

My first experience of Pro Estimating Services was that they delivered on time, with a professional and informative estimate based on information I gave them. I requested a budget price for a building renovation in Moray and would recommend their services. I received the estimate, chart and cost breakdown on time.
Tiffany Barton, Freshfield Builders

“Invaluable service... helped us secure our biggest projects to date”

As a growing business we found Pro Estimating Services provided us with an invaluable service to push the envelope and help us secure our biggest projects to date after 10 years of continued growth. We hope they can continue to support us over the coming years! Thanks to Andrew and the team.

William, King-Brickwork Solutions.

“Taking the headache out of estimating...”

I would like to thank Heidi and all the estimating team at Pro Estimating Services for taking the headache out of estimating giving me more free time to concentrate on other tasks that need my attention - great service highly recommended.
Tony Ashley, Ashleysbuilding Ltd.

“Phil Pugh Builders”

I have been using pro estimating services for approximately 10 years, and during that period of time, I have found them to be unbelievably helpful, and nothing is too much for them to do. The response time and the turn around and delivery in quoting for new jobs for my self as been superb, and I have one 95% of all contracts, whilst using pro estimating services. Without question the best decision I've ever made. Thank you to alll the staff at pro estimating express for everything and look forward to 🌟your continued and valid support 👍
Phil Pugh

“GD Andrew Building Contractors”

“ I have been using Pro Estimating Services for the last year or so.
I have noticed an increase in work load due to a more accurate pricing
System I have adopted from this service. 1st class service as well”

Gary Andrew

“Paul Hurrell Building Oxford.”

I have used professional estimates several times recently,and after using some other estimator's,. I find them by far the best.
They give you a clear and precise package which is always very accurate. Everyone at pro estimates is both polite and professional.

Paul Hurrell


I /we find using easy price pro a real help when we are very busy, the staff are always very helpful we have recommended a few of our friends to try
del campbell

“Hunter Building Developments Ltd”

I have used Easy Price Pro Softwatre & Pro Estimating Services for the pricing of several jobs now, and I have found it to be very efficient and accurate. It has made my life a lot easier and saved me a lot of time and money. I would definitely recommend anyone to use this service
Jason Hunter

“ Momentum Property Services”

I have been in the construction industry for almost 40 years and recently set up Momentum Property Services to build out residential property extensions designed in-house. This is a new venture for us and we've had a few challenges to ensure all bases are covered, especially with time. Using Pro Estimating Services for our last three tenders has been invaluable, allowed us to get on with the build work and running the business. The estimates are extremely accurate, easy to understand and are presented in a very professional manner. This is brilliant and I'm in no doubt the estimates have contributed enormously to winning two of the three tenders with the decision on the third awaited. Thank you Pro Estimating Services for the service you provide.
paul lillie

“Jewson - Self-Build Co-ordinator Scotland & The North ”

PES is a great service which our Self-Build customers find very useful! It is a quick and easy process that saves both our customers and branches a lot of time when it comes to working out what materials and quantities are required. I would highly recommend the service to people who are looking for a detailed estimate for their project as it not only lists all the materials and quantities needed for the job but it provides customers with prices too. The team at PES are fantastic and are always on hand to answer any questions we may have and they will even speak directly to customers on our behalf if necessary.
Vicky Fackrell

Could I take a few moments of your time to say that the service that we have received from yourself and Craig Atack has been brilliant and the response from our customers has all been very positive and they and I would recommend your service to anyone with any plans that require calculating.
Marcus Fletcher

“DTR Carpentry & Construction”

I'm just waiting to hear back from the customer regarding the quote but personally I was really pleased with the service and the detailed professional report I received from you. I will definitely be using your services again for future projects.
Daniel Ritchie

I would like to say what an efficient and professional service pro estimating provide.
The report is highly detailed and accurate and have been impressed with deadlines being kept and even surpassed when I have been under pressure to get it back!
A good service which I will use again and again

Kevin Gilson